Your Business is a Work of Art

Your business can be seen as an art. The term art implies a certain craftsmanship in the way of doing business. Think of your profession. Now think of the passion that you put into it. Think about your methods, the process you use to complete your work. This might be how you conduct business internally, or communicate information with your customers. Perhaps you go to trade association meetings and passionately discuss updates happening in your field. There is a certain system that you probably use when working with others. Now, if you have been in your trade for some time, there is also most likely a rhythm of working. Perhaps, over time, you have found your own distinct style of working. Your own personal understanding of your field. Your personality can come out and further enhance what it is you do. A synergy starts to form between you and your work. There is a signature way around everything you do. This is more than just doing your job. It has become an art form. smART business!

Art speaks the truth. We experience the truth through art not only as an esthetic piece of our business. It also speaks to the moral nature of our products and services. Through art works, we are able to communicate the moral ideas the company stands for from the top down. Perhaps your organization has a larger political mission beyond offering a particular service to a customer. For instance, your organization may feel strongly about local issues or maintaining a strong link with heritage. Perhaps your organization feels strongly about using eco-products in order to reduce carbon waste. Perhaps your organization feels strongly about human rights. These are examples for you to imagine how the company’s message and values can be conveyed through the art. The art can be created by using local materials, reusing products, or making images that correspond with the theme. Similarly, the style of art that is chosen to represent your business speaks to how you treat your customers. Your customer gets a feeling of how they can expect to be treated, what kind of service they can rely on. All this comes out of the overall feeling that one gets from the art piece.

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