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Painting Hands Atelier Molenpad

Ever get that urge to throw colors around, splatter. . . make a mess! And I mean make a huge mess that gets over everything! We have enough areas in our life that needs to be clean, neat and orderly. At work, on the computer, fancy clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes, offices, desks, carpets, walls, cars. . .ok got it.

What’s left with space for personal expression. Expressing our emotions, making a statement and unleashing the unique individual that we are. How can we keep giving more and more, without replenishing ourselves?

I ask, if not now, then when do you make time to express for the fun of it, for the joy of unleashing that part of ourself that wants to play? When do you take time that is just for yourself in a non-performance way, in a non-critical way? When do you take the time to slow down and visit parts of yourself that are thirsty for attention?

Painting is nourishing. It feeds the soul and makes our energy soar. The fast-paced society that many of us find ourselves in is often less than nourishing. Think of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If we are not careful, we allow energy to be sucked away from us over time, not uncommon in classical burnout cases.

Art can spark an inner passion in us that has been dormant. This spark vitalizes and activates our natural life source. We get to reboot and realign to discover what is most important to us in our core. For some of us, this means that we want to quiet down and be aware of each brush stroke over the next watching as the layers build up into magical images, and for others this may mean grabbing large blobs of paint with our hands as we fling it over on the canvas.

It’s not about becoming an artist, no experience is necessary, you don’t need permission. it is about expressing yourself. Go ahead and quench your thirsty hands to some painting expression today!

Daniella Rubinovitz offers various workshops and week retreats in Amsterdam at historical Atelier Molenpad. http://www.ateliermolenpad.com/programs-2/ Daniella is author of Smart: How Art Inspires Action in Business. Here your whole team can quench their thirst! More info can be found at www.unleashavision.com

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