Daniella will guide you on a journey how to use art as a tool for brainstorming and inspire action in your business. As Daniella worked in the corporate world for ten years, as well as in the worlds of fine art, art therapy, and professional coaching, she discovered the dynamic workings of art.

In SMART, you will learn how to translate the nonverbal nature of art and apply it to verbal, day-to-day topics. Daniella unveils her practical, hands-on formula which include: intuitive painting, analysis of these paintings, and commitment. As a result you will, gain new perspectives, get your team to play bigger, discover what your customer really wants, and know what to say about your product that hasn’t already been said. Learn how to use art as a fun doorway into your intuitive genius. The process of reading Smart is a fun interactive one since Smart is also a coloring book. Yes, you get to personalise it! Color in the illustrations, and go way outside of the lines!


ISBN: 978-9082184617


Two bonus to continue to use art to inspire action in business!

Firstly, your template and guide to easily identify the most impactful tool to meet your goal. The free downloadable document is the perfect add-on to this book. This document is a handy step by step template that will inspire and guide you in setting up your Smart Session. Whether your topic is to bring in a new perspective to your business, get your team to play bigger, discover what your customer really wants, help your people reach their full potential or discover what you can say about your product that hasn’t already been said.

Your second bonus is a powerful, free video training “Reading Art” Many people have contacted me telling me they really struggle with reading artwork. Reading artwork has nothing to do with judging artwork. Reading it is simply looking at what’s there and translating it from inspiration to action. In this audio, I guide you with the exact way how to do this in this free video training so that it’s practical and easy for you to repeat it. Read artwork to immediately gain a new perspective and inspiration on your topic.

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Since the Daniella worked in the corporate world for 10 years before she became an art therapist and coach, she knows both worlds from the inside out, which makes her the perfect spokesperson in Smart to bring art and business together.” -Femke Wijdekop, Lawyer

“If u need an out of the box, experiential, professional, special addition to business and/or your corporate culture, read and implement Smart now.” -Andrea J. Lee, CEO wealthy thought leader

“SMART is an innovative and fun alternative to traditional team building. It is a great tool to boost creativity and collaboration within a team, by producing powerful and out of the box ideas through art. SMART has been an amazing experience that really inspired us.”  – Stephanie Malecotte, Philips Consumer Lifestyle


About the Author:

012abcDaniella Rubinovitz is the How Art Inspires Action in Business Expert. She discovered her talents of connecting the tools of art with inspiring action in business, while working in New York and Amsterdam for more than twenty years. This makes her the perfect spokesperson to bring art and business together.

Daniella worked in the corporate world as an industrial designer at Lucent Technologies. At Lucent, she worked, among others, with rocket scientists to develop forward-thinking technologies. She holds two United States patents. Later, she worked with the process of art for personal development in entrepreneurial organizations and MBA programs.

Academically, Daniella has a collection of university degrees: BFA from Tufts University in affiliation with The School of Museum of Fine Arts; MID from Pratt Institute, to fulfill her Industrial Design desire to experience the world of mass production; MBA for engineers from Stevens Institute of Technology; BAT as an Arts Therapist from The College of Leiden, due to her obsession to master how color, line, and form are linked in the subconscious. She is a licensed Art Therapist and a Certified Professional Coach, CPCC.

Over the years, Daniella has developed Smart Sessions, which use art as a practical tool for businesses. This system guides participants to brainstorm subconscious knowledge and implement findings into action.

Daniella maintains her studio at, Atelier Molenpad, located in the charming heart of Amsterdam, renown for famous artists. Here she offers sessions, painting retreats, and professional coaching programs. Daniella speaks for groups, companies and organizations on the topics of how art inspires action.



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