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Join us for a fresh fun way to fly!

My new book Smart: How Art Inspires Action in Business, was created to help you up uplevel your professional and personal life. Sometimes we need to clear our path to achieving our goals, let’s move forward.

Art suppliesYou don’t need the book to do this 4-part course, all you need is a curious, open mind that is ready to use art as a tool to have fun and move forward.

So grab some basic materials. A simple set of 12 colored pencils or magic markers will do. Water colors or acrylic paints are fine too. You can use simple printer paper or grab a sketchpad, because its your time to get smart. 

During each 90 minute weekly session you will discover:


Session 1:

Feel light and fly! Everyone has something that they need to let go of to create space for what’s next. In this session we’ll learn to say yes to those things that are serving you and goodbye to those things that are not. We’ll get up close and personal with our baggage through art and release it through the power of group masterminding– expressing, analyzing and tracking how letting go can lift the weight and free the space we need to create.


Session 2:

Experience being fearless! Fear is a completely normal emotion, we all experience it, the problem is, that fear has a way of getting in between us and our goals. In this session we will dive into the topic of fear. What do you fear most personally? In your business? We’ll explore this thorny issue through art as well as the power of group masterminding—expressing, analyzing and tracking so that fear no longer keeps you up at night.

Money flow

Session 3:

Enjoy abundance! Make peace with money. We all have money drama from time to time, and some of us more often than that. It tends to be something that we would rather not deal with. In this session we will dive into the topic of money, specifically how to get past our money blocks and where to get more of it flowing in. Well explore how money relates to our life and business through the power of group masterminding– expressing,analyzing and tracking so that money becomes a path to freedom.

Question mark

Session 4:

Choose your focus. By this call it will be clear which topic you would like to explore next. Maybe it will be a topic that the group wants to delve into, maybe it will be something important to you and you alone. This is your time to go where you want to go next. Through art and the power of group masterminding—we will look at taking your life and business to the next level expressing, analyzing and tracking your vision. Where are you headed? It’s time to get clear.


Bonus Q & A Call:

The process of solving problems through art will give you a lot of answers, but could raise new questions on a deeper level. So we are offering this bonus call dedicated to tying up those loose ends. You will leave this session feeling fully confident that you can continue using the tool of art to explore challenges and implement new solutions as you move forward.

Got that gut feeling that I have been reading your mind?
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Nuts and bolts, how these sessions work?

In each practical, hands on 90-minute session, we will explore a single topic as it relates to our personal and professional life.

SMART Space We will begin by creating the right space. This is not only a physical space, but also a mental and emotional one. To give you an example, to me space means being out in nature, safe and energizing. What would this ideal space look like to you? How can you use it to see new perspectives in your business?
SMART Move Next, it’s time to get your juices flowing through movement. Because this is where our emotions and intuition can hang out, in our body. Dance and let it all go, so make some movements that surprise and inspire you to be brave and go to new places. Now you are ready to create.
SMART Art Continue by exploring and expressing our feelings on the day’s topic non-verbally through art. Don’t worry, in this online program, art is only a tool it’s not about becoming an artist, and therefore no experience is necessary. Allow yourself to express full out! It’s fun, but it can be emotional, because ultimately, it is truthful. Colored pencils are fine for this. For me, I love painting with my hands, really connecting to the paint and paper and releasing.
SMART Read After we have completed our drawing or painting, we will look for insight and answers in our paintings. We will learn to read and ask the right questions, uncovering the answers hidden in your own art. This is where the mastermind aspect of the group is most powerful. Together our different perspectives will illuminate clues we may miss alone.
SMART Track Finally, we will track where you are presently and what your target is. Together we will chart a course of action and commit to our goals remain accountable. We will discover what your commitments are moving forward and what we need to put into action and what we should no longer do.

Join us during Smart Basics, a fresh, fun and creative 4-part online session dedicated to you. Early bird fee is just 

$297 . . . (regular $397)


Video call

This course is set up to be practical while solving hard topics in your personal and professional life. We are all busy, having a clear path moving forward creates lightness and builds confidence in our decisions. Using art as a tool is a play aspect to real challenges.

Be bold and step up to the plate. Allow your curiosity and an open mind take you to places that you have only dreamed of. Tap into your subconscious with art to uncover hidden solutions.

Each week, we will gather in a video conference format. We will be able to see each other express, share and learn. In case you need to miss a call, it will be recorded for playback after. All you need is an internet device with a camera. Think computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Each of the video sessions are 90 minutes in duration (and will be recorded):

Call 1 Sunday April 19th, 12:00 pm PST/ 3:00pm EST / 9:00pm Central Europe

Call 2 Sunday April 26th, 12:00 pm PST/ 3:00pm EST / 9:00pm Central Europe

Call 3 Sunday May 3rd, 12:00 pm PST/ 3:00pm EST / 9:00pm Central Europe

Call 4 Sunday May 10th, 12:00 pm PST/ 3:00pm EST / 9:00pm Central Europe

Bonus Call Sunday May 24th, 12:00 pm PST/ 3:00pm EST / 9:00pm Central Europe

Grab an early bird seat for 

$297 . . . (regular $397)


As you can see from the detailed schedule above, you have discovered that this program is different. This program is tailored to those who want to access a different side of themselves to solve problems, make decisions and implement it in their life. If you are looking for a practical way to move forward in your life and business, please take our invitation to this program.


Your Smart Basics facilitator will be:

Daniella Rubinovitz_smDaniella Rubinovitz, Founder of Unleashavision a creative brainstorming company devoted to the exploration of art as inspiration to an entrepreneurial mindset. She discovered her talents of connecting the tools of art with inspiring action in business, while working in New York and Amsterdam for more than twenty years. She is the perfect spokesperson to bring art and business together. Daniella worked in the corporate world and also worked with the process of art for personal development in entrepreneurial organizations and MBA programs. Daniella has developed Smart Sessions, which use art as a practical tool to inspire action. This system guides participants to brainstorm subconscious knowledge and implement findings into action. Daniella speaks often on this topic, in how art creates an entrepreneurial mindset, when rational and emotional ideas merge.



Smart: How Art Inspires Action in Business


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