There are many ways to connect and communicate. Art is one amazing way. It is a non-verbal tool that should come naturally to us all. Art is a porthole into our subconscious mind and activates our senses. We experience our art as both a mirror and a window. This is where the rubber hits the road! If you want to reflect on and gain insight into any topic, start with art.

Too often people feel judged when creating. They have been told they are not talented, restricting their confidence and courage. Too many people have been robbed of using art as a tool. The pain stays inside causing a void, until they are brave enough to reclaim their tool. Perspectives need to shift to make this happen. When we create by way of exploration, we let go of end results. Instead, we are in the moment, connecting and learning to communicate directly from our intuition.

Connecting back to wisdom through nature

Art communicates directly with our subconscious. In a nutshell, when we create with art, we use the four natural elements: earth, water, fire and air. The interaction of the elements reflects back our subconscious like a mirror. By looking at the art, we notice our senses are stimulated. Our senses of smell and taste are activated by certain colors and compositions. We feel we can touch the textures and hear the music that might be playing in the background. The art piece comes alive. It awakens our senses. It has a story to tell that touches us to the core. This is how we bring images from paintings into consciousness.

People can be hung up on getting it right. There can also be competition or personal judgments about who creates a better piece. If this is the case, we are missing the point. Let’s start with what materials to use. In reality, it doesn’t matter. You can draw with any tool that is in front of you. You can paint with wine, nail polish or traditional paints in any shape or form. You can use sticks and stones, or clay for sculptures. Don’t get blocked by fancy materials. Don’t worry about preserving your work forever. There are no rules. Take a picture and share it with others, or cherish it in your secret drawer. Art is in the moment. It happens and, because it is visual, we can continue to enjoy it, learn from it, and, when we choose to, share it.

There is a deep wisdom that connects knowledge to creating. In high school, I remember making an intricate model of a cell nucleus. I used most of the elements to create the piece: cardboard, cutting, gluing, and painting in full color. Through both the process of creating and holding the final piece, I activated my senses and deepened my understanding of the subject. Furthermore, I remember these details from the past as if it was yesterday. This is just one example. As a matter of fact, anytime I explore a topic through the arts, I experience another layer of knowledge that impacts my learning. Images are easier for me to recall as information clusters later on.

Art brings us back into balance

Art, as a tool for healing, is a science contrary to popular misconceptions. The basic building blocks of art are light and dark. In between light and dark, there exists the emotional world of color. Drawing, painting and sculpting are tools that are directly connected to levels of ourselves. When we draw, we connect with our brightness, thinking and beliefs. When we paint with colors, we connect to our emotional body. When we sculpt or build structures, we connect with our physical, nurturing body.

Creating art can be a vulnerable place, because it communicates with our emotions, interactions with others, and our general sense of balance. Listening to our emotions can help us steer through the sea we are all universally navigating. Learning to trust yourself means saying yes to your intuition. It means saying yes to using that part of yourself that makes most of your decisions.  It means saying yes to controlling areas in your life that are important to you. Intuitive skills are critical tools in all parts of our life, especially in business decisions.  When we explore topics through art, we release emotions, maintain balance and heal.

Art communicates

Art is a tool that innately communicates and connects. It connects us to others, our businesses and ourselves. Through art, we can communicate our visions, possibilities, problems, solutions and the next steps. We can depict our perspectives, blocks, choices and commitments. We can express and experience our emotions around employees, customers and management. We can connect with teams: existing teams, new members and temporary employees.

A picture speaks a thousand words and functions differently to verbal communication. Verbal communication has limitations. The non-verbal language of art communicates more than words. Art uses the language of a million colors as opposed to 28 letters. When we see art in front of us, we get it. Think about the struggle that arises as you try to describe something you have seen. Humans are visually oriented. Since the Stone Age, people have communicated through drawings. Think about how cave paintings connected knowledge and communicated it.

Art is a universal language that communicates across cultural and time barriers. It supersedes language issues. It moves past talking hot air without landing. In artistic expression, colors, lines and shapes are understood on another level. Locally drawn symbols and representations are easy to understand and communicate. The fact that they are timeless implies they are woven into our biology. Think about horizontal zigzag lines versus smooth wave-like lines. The former may express danger, while the latter feels comfortable. Understanding drawings and symbols has been a matter of survival. Communication of the message continues long after we are done creating. We share it with others. They get the message. Art can communicate on its own terms. Although we can translate insights into words, we don’t have to. Just experiencing it is enough.

It’s time for you to connect to your natural self and activate your senses. Allow this experience to balance your feelings around expression. Connect with yourself and others on a new level. Use this knowledge you were naturally born with to your advantage by creating your visions. It means letting go of judgments and stories that have been built around art and creativity. Be brave as you communicate. Start today by using the tool of art in your business. Don’t miss out on your given tool to create and make your businesses prosper at a new level.

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