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You MAY Activate Your Inner Superhero(ine)

You MAY activate your inner superhero(ine)

Creating Magic Journal 2015 – Volume 5 – May 8, 2015         Sign up for this journal here!
A Note From Daniella

You may activate your inner superhero!

I have posted the fun article that came out below. . .It’s about the latest adventures where I have fused Art Therapy and Coaching together.  I was intrigued about the term Wonder Woman used in the article. I love it, really. Yes, because I often use the metaphor of SUPERHEROS in my 1:1 private Smart Sessions.

Who is that inner superhero(ine) for you. Who do you look up to and admire. Who is that person that you may think. . .mmm, how would . .approach this or that. Get it? It gives us another perspective. This being a perspective of keeping our higher purpose and most honored values in the forefront at all times. Being brave and doing what needs to be done.

We could directly look inside and find our biggest hero(ine) right there. If this is new to you, however, this could bring up all sorts of ifs, and buts, judgement and perhaps doubts. . . and so for right now, just call out for the first hero(ine) that springs to mind. . .yes, thats it! Over time, you will notice that this hero(ine) is a part of yourself. So let’s call this a reawakening of your innermost superhero(ine)! Great to add a new team member to your crew yes!?

Mmmm, yes, ponder over that one for a while. . .

So seriously, who is your superhero(ine)? Go ahead, I challenge you to make a painting, collage! Do they fly, swim. . .what are their biggest strengths, values. . .

Check out the article below that inspired this months topic!


Now for a summary of what creative workshops and retreats. I have going on this month:

1) Painting Week Retreats– Note dates have changed. There are just two more retreats scheduled.They are: 18th-25th of May. (Spots available, early bird extended for this retreat) and 6-11th of July​ Note: early bird rates are continuously honoured for past participants of 7 month program. (send me a mail).

2) Art Jam Painting Workshops– 13 May (Wednesday evening) Art Jam. More info here in English:  More info here in Dutch:

3) The Desire Map Workshop– 5th of July 9-17:00. The desire map was created by Danielle LePorte. Ciel Ellis, who is certified in this process will be flying in from Canada to teach this. This day event takes place on a sunday before the July retreat starting on monday  More info here. . .

4) Online Smart Basics– Inquire about next course (

with superheroine May expressions,
PS. What would your inner superhero(ine) do today?
A Note From Daniella
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Tip of the Month
Looking to move to that next step? Let’s let your images speak!
We all can benefit from jump start. Contact me for some in person/ online coaching to move forward!
Daniella Recommends

Week Painting Retreats:

Weeks retreats are designed to take part in more than one week per year. . .there is plenty of time to use the studio in the afternoons to continue to create on your own! What would it look like to take time for your personal expression?

Intuitive Painting: Dare to let go, explore new techniques, paint like no one is watching!

All of Atelier Molenpad’s retreats are a fun way to access your creativity by thinking out of the box. Increase your self-confidence and infuse your personal and professional life with inspiration. You have a creative force inside of you, ready to enrich your life as soon as you give her permission to emerge! The intuitive art course will help you gain confidence to pick up paints and visually express on any scale. You will discover how your colors easily lead you.
You will also explore how our own body movement can lead us into creating our unique forms. This process allows your own body movement to dictate what your hands want to express. You will learn how to create both figurative and abstract images this way. Through the usage of layers, your painting evolves to a place that only your creative genius could imagine. During this process, you will get a renewed understanding of your personal style, colors and shapes. This we continue to explore and define throughout the course.

At the studio we work with a broad range of art materials, including charcoal, acrylic paint and clay. More details and registration info can be found at:

PS. Please make someone’s day by forwarding intuitive painting info to them today! See flyer below:

About Daniella

Daniella Rubinovitz is an artist. She is known as the Smart Session Founder. She is passionate about enabling individuals and businesses to visually express, read the images to uncover insight in order to move forward gracefully. Daniella is author of Smart: How Art Inspires Action in Business. Search for it in your local Amazon site, ISBN: 978-9082184617 ,   Amazon US direct Link   |  Amazon UK direct Link

At Atelier Molenpad, Daniella offers intuitive painting workshops and week retreats in Amsterdam. This is also her private studio space where she paints and creates public artwork.

At UnleashAVision, Daniella offers Smart Sessions for: Team Events, 1:1 private individuals and an online group program.

She has had several lives; she worked 10 years in the corporate world- as an industrial designer at Lucent Technologies. At Lucent she worked among others with rocket scientists to develop forward thinking technologies. Later she worked with the process of art for personal development in entrepreneur organizations and MBA programs. Daniella knows the corporate and art worlds, which makes her the perfect spokesperson to fuse art therapy and business together.​

Academically, Daniella has a collection of university degrees; BFA from Tufts University in affiliation with The School of Museum of Fine Arts, a MID from Pratt Institute, to fulfil her Industrial Design desire to experience the world of mass production and construction. An MBA for engineers from Stevens Institute of Technology, a BAT as an Arts Therapist from The College of Leiden, due to her obsession to master how color, line and form are linked within our subconscious. She is a licensed art therapist and holds three United States patents. She got her coaching degree from the Coaches Training Institute, which ties her back full circle into the corporate world. Contact Daniella at to obtain her speaker sheet.

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You can, only if you include this complete “blurb” with it: Article reproduced with permission of Daniella Rubinovitz, Daniella offers Smart Sessions, fusing art therapy and coaching into a powerful tool to move forward. Daniella is an inspirational, hands on speaker.

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We quench your thirsty hands !

Painting Hands Atelier Molenpad

Ever get that urge to throw colors around, splatter. . . make a mess! And I mean make a huge mess that gets over everything! We have enough areas in our life that needs to be clean, neat and orderly. At work, on the computer, fancy clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes, offices, desks, carpets, walls, cars. . .ok got it.

What’s left with space for personal expression. Expressing our emotions, making a statement and unleashing the unique individual that we are. How can we keep giving more and more, without replenishing ourselves?

I ask, if not now, then when do you make time to express for the fun of it, for the joy of unleashing that part of ourself that wants to play? When do you take time that is just for yourself in a non-performance way, in a non-critical way? When do you take the time to slow down and visit parts of yourself that are thirsty for attention?

Painting is nourishing. It feeds the soul and makes our energy soar. The fast-paced society that many of us find ourselves in is often less than nourishing. Think of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If we are not careful, we allow energy to be sucked away from us over time, not uncommon in classical burnout cases.

Art can spark an inner passion in us that has been dormant. This spark vitalizes and activates our natural life source. We get to reboot and realign to discover what is most important to us in our core. For some of us, this means that we want to quiet down and be aware of each brush stroke over the next watching as the layers build up into magical images, and for others this may mean grabbing large blobs of paint with our hands as we fling it over on the canvas.

It’s not about becoming an artist, no experience is necessary, you don’t need permission. it is about expressing yourself. Go ahead and quench your thirsty hands to some painting expression today!

Daniella Rubinovitz offers various workshops and week retreats in Amsterdam at historical Atelier Molenpad. Daniella is author of Smart: How Art Inspires Action in Business. Here your whole team can quench their thirst! More info can be found at

Crisp December Dreams

Aah we have arrived to December! I personally give a warm crisp welcome out for this month!

For me this is a time for clarity! I do enjoy making time to reflect and bathe in all that has been this year, appreciate all the aspects that I am proud of. This certainly includes dear friends and family that I am blessed to have in all areas of my life!

Wow, how we are all growing, learning and making huge shifts moving forward! I have experienced 2013 as moving FAST. What about you? How have you experienced 2013?

Just as I sit down to write this, I am reflecting on events this year! Such an honor to be with all participants at Atelier Molenpad; It is a magical journey to witness the continual descovery process with yearly renewals and it is equally fun welcoming new creative exprorers into the discovery of intuitive art expression.

This year also at the Atelier, was the first SUMMER WEEK RETREAT, which I so love. People flew in from all over the globe to participate! That feeling of summer vacation was in the air, and local participants even felt that they could experience Amsterdam from a visitors perspective! Kind a like SUMMER CAMP! Such the inspiration, that this year we will have 3 RETREATS! Check dates, under Daniella Recommends section below!

Another biggie has been the incorporation of NATURE in my own ART. I have been playing around here and there, while on my long walks. . .with leaves. . .branches. . .etc. Lots more of this to come! ENVIRONMENTAL ART is a shift for me. My next project will be with water. . .in Amsterdam. . .mmm not sure yet what it will be! I have already committed to a date that I will complete it by. . .so stay tuned!

So. . .what else. . .well. . .individual clients for art therapy have moved over into CREATIVE COACHING; a secret passion of mine that has been growing. And yes, I have decided to formally add into my world. My coaching training that I have been attending is turning out to be a super enlightning experience. I am loving the insights and distinctions between therapy and coaching. Here, I have been working with clients who are ready, to discover their secret visions, passions and take the next bold steps into manifestation. Huge energy shift to say the least!

On a special note of thanks, I want to thank you for your COMMENTS and ENCOURAGEMENT along the way throughout 2013! I love this way of communicating with you and sharing tools and tips along the way. I even sucessfully moved over to the new server!

I want to acknowledge our DUTCH readers, and understand that it can be tiring to read in the ENGLISH language. Though it’s the easiest way for me to communicate globally, I do realize this requires an extra effort on your part. . .so once again,THANK YOU!

In the meantime, as we approach 2014, I have 3 simple tips in the section Tip of the month to see how you can identify 3 areas of your life, where you may want to consider a little extra attention to moving forward!

Look forward to seeing you at Atelier Molenpad and UnleashAVision soon!

Come and check out the 3 retreats coming up in May, June and July 2013! Note: Dates for July have been adjusted More info here to reserve your spot!

with all the elements,


ps. For those who were wondering. . . is Atelier Molenpad gone global!

My tip this month is around simple GOAL SETTING! I strongly believe that because of the fact that I actually set goals, the universe is able to provide; making manifestation a synch.

What has helped me over the years, has been to focus on creating a dynamic balance. Here are 3 core tips that have helped me!

Tip #1: Take the time to collage and write it down!

What I have summed it down for my self has been to start with 8 categories; HEALTH, FUN & RECREATION,FAMILY & FRIENDS, SIGNIFICANT OTHER/ROMANCE, MONEY, PERSONAL GROWTHCAREER,PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT, You can draw an 8 slice pizza pie,(yum) where each category is a slice. Then you can rate the level of satisfaction (1: not satisfied.. .10: highly satisfied) within each slice.

Doing this will give you a clear idea of where you may want to focuse extra energy on in 2014. I would suggest that you select 3 pie slices to target first. . .make a brainstorming collage to experience what each slice means . . .and set goals relating to your discoveries on what you want.

Tip #2: Get accountability support!

Luckily, I have seeked out individuals who hold me accountable! They know my goals (because I take the time to tell them). Get support for not only your goals, but also in brainstorming your unique path to your goals! Not as much fun to update on your own! This is a great holiday activity to do with a trustworthy source.

Part of this is to make resonant goals, and clear positive affirmation statements. and you know what? This stuff really works! You see our goals can be met quicker than we may believe. . .when we take ourselves seriously! Just out of the blue a possibility can appear!

Tip #3: Celebrate when you have accomplished your goal.

I can’t tell you how many times I have meet a goal, just to cross it off the list, without a little celebration. Our body, mind and soul needs a little happy dance and FUN FUN FUN. . .after all WHY are we doing so much?

This is a serious question. . .WHY? Bring your WHY into the celebration! Yeah, that’s what it’s all about! Believe me, I need a constant reminder!

I love to quickly put on some dance tunes and shake it all up and keep the energy flowing! So have fun with these simple tips! Do them now! Find the 3 pie slices that need most nurturing! 2014 is already turning out to be miracles in making, wouldn’t you agree!


Investing in Art Connects Every Aspect of Your Business

English: Art Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Building by Fernando de Sousa.

English: Art Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Building by Fernando de Sousa.

Financial corporations, banks and insurance firms often have a long history of art collecting. Often, the founder had a personal passion for art and established an in-house art collecting tradition. Now these serious collectors have departments that specialize in the purchase, maintenance and rotation of their art. Collections often have a particular theme. For example, buying from local artists, emerging artists, modern art, landscapes, geometric and figurative art, to name a few. To get an idea of what these collections look like, they can range from a couple of artworks on the wall to the largest of corporate art collections, noted by Forbes at 57,000 pieces of work. Often the art is rotated around the building, creating changing environments for employees. Most of these corporations also have open viewings for the public from time to time. When the public is allowed to enter corporate buildings, a feeling of business transparency is created. Thus artwork is used in a multitude of ways, from marketing brochures to cultural projects and as an expression of corporate social responsibility.

Clearly, investing in art connects into every aspect of your business. From nurturing your employees to socially communicating your business values externally. The essence is in trusting the color, shapes, materials, composition and light and dark that an artwork emits. The value that is created is priceless.

Invest in Your Business Art Collection

The Crosby Garrett Helmet on auction at Christie's, London, on 7 October 2010. Photo by Daniel Pett.

The Crosby Garrett Helmet on auction at Christie’s, London, on 7 October 2010. Photo by Daniel Pett.

Businesses typically have in-house art collections. This is not only for aesthetic, decorative values, but also for investment purposes. Art pieces may increase in value over time. Though knowing exactly which pieces will increase is risky. There may be a certain buzz about the artist that created the work and the particular piece in question. It is a win-win situation for businesses to hang up inspirational work while, at the same time, seeing the value of a piece increase. Buying art, or investing in art projects, can be seen as expressions of corporate cultural responsibility. Art projects bring people together, forming a basic understanding of social empowerment. It means investing in all of the employees and customers associated with the business. It encourages viewers to think creatively. The resulting artwork is often displayed in areas where the public easily connect with it.

The monetary advantage of viewing art is difficult to establish. With a little stretch of the imagination, one could even compare it to the value of a parent to a child. I make this comparison because of the value a parent brings to a child is priceless. It is simply beyond monetary value. Nurturing, sympathy, understanding, unconditional love. These are also the values that art can have on our souls and spirits. We feel good when we have art around. It feeds another level of ourselves. It wakes us up to another part of ourselves. This part is energized when we take long walks in the park, experience breathtaking views or hear the rambling of a waterfall. Modern day businesses use electronic devices to communicate, even in tight workplaces designed for working together. It has been challenging for businesses to maintain a certain amount of personal space. This is an area where art can act as a doorway. It creates space for those parts of ourselves that want to walk along our favorite hiking path, allowing lots of creative juices to flow. Art creates space and nourishes the soul.

Your Business is a Work of Art

Your business can be seen as an art. The term art implies a certain craftsmanship in the way of doing business. Think of your profession. Now think of the passion that you put into it. Think about your methods, the process you use to complete your work. This might be how you conduct business internally, or communicate information with your customers. Perhaps you go to trade association meetings and passionately discuss updates happening in your field. There is a certain system that you probably use when working with others. Now, if you have been in your trade for some time, there is also most likely a rhythm of working. Perhaps, over time, you have found your own distinct style of working. Your own personal understanding of your field. Your personality can come out and further enhance what it is you do. A synergy starts to form between you and your work. There is a signature way around everything you do. This is more than just doing your job. It has become an art form. smART business!

Art speaks the truth. We experience the truth through art not only as an esthetic piece of our business. It also speaks to the moral nature of our products and services. Through art works, we are able to communicate the moral ideas the company stands for from the top down. Perhaps your organization has a larger political mission beyond offering a particular service to a customer. For instance, your organization may feel strongly about local issues or maintaining a strong link with heritage. Perhaps your organization feels strongly about using eco-products in order to reduce carbon waste. Perhaps your organization feels strongly about human rights. These are examples for you to imagine how the company’s message and values can be conveyed through the art. The art can be created by using local materials, reusing products, or making images that correspond with the theme. Similarly, the style of art that is chosen to represent your business speaks to how you treat your customers. Your customer gets a feeling of how they can expect to be treated, what kind of service they can rely on. All this comes out of the overall feeling that one gets from the art piece.

Art Provides Employee Satisfaction

The act of creating art allows the release of personal expression by hands-on action and doing. Employees get satisfaction from completing a project. This is especially vital when employees are working on long-term projects. Such was the case in projects that I worked on in my corporate days. We worked on projects five years in advance. There is a high degree of satisfaction when we can see immediate results. Creating art gives us this immediate satisfaction alongside having the destiny of your project in your hands.

Art in the Etsy offices, Creative Commons, Charles & Hudson.

Art in the Etsy offices, Creative Commons, Charles & Hudson.

The act of looking at art, even if we just have it in our lobby or office, speaks to us on a subconscious level. It can inspire us to embrace the changes around us and trust that we will continuously discover new solutions. I love the quote from the book Who Moved My Cheese: “It’s a lot better to initiate change while you can than it is to try to react and adjust to it . . . ” Maybe we can move our own cheese.

Art Creates Stronger Teams

Working with art creates a stronger team of empowered, happy and self-confident individuals. Teams thrive when they create projects together. When we work creatively, we activate our right hemisphere. An effect of activating our right hemisphere is an enhanced sense of community. People get in the mode of “we’re into this together”. When we work exclusively in our left hemisphere, we tend to be more focused on individual work and achievements. This is an antiquated way of working. It is that age-old silo idea: ‘this is my project and this is yours’.

When people are in contact with their own creativity, they are in contact with themselves. This connection allows for a heightened sense of who they are as an individual, and at the same time how everyone is connected to each other as team members with the same goal.

Creativity encourages the entrepreneurial mindset by empowering individuals to activate the creative process from start to finish. Integration between team members is enhanced with this mindset. When we integrate art creation and weave it into company policy, the link between our left and right hemisphere flows. Within a business, we want our creativity and rational thinking departments to empower each other. This allows productivity in all departments to soar. This includes traditionally left brain dominant departments like accounting, supply chain, wholesale folks, product engineering, manufacturing and the right brained dominant departments like retail sales, marketing, product development and design. Messages that come out through art are impactful when implementing team goals and objectives. The key is to integrate the whole business, through all employees, by shifting from predominantly using the left hemisphere to confidently using both hemispheres together. When individuals and businesses are able to do this, they function at their optimal level. They are empowered to tap into unused potential and take ‘creative leadership’ one step further.

Since your employees are your business, your business becomes a creative power to continually update better business practices. We all know the expression “the only thing that is constant is change” by Heraclitus. Dealing with change requires lots and lots of creativity. It requires constantly letting go, being in the present reality and making heartfelt decisions that are in line with long-term business goals. An economic crisis demands that we become flexible and creative in dealing with the rapidly changing economic tide.

We enhance creativity by integrating art into our business. Both the act of creating art and looking at art have specific strengths for employees.

Art is a Metaphor for Innovation (2 of 2)

At one time I was employed by Lucent technologies, a company focused on creating innovative technology. It was our job in the industrial design team to innovate new products. The distinction between invention and innovation was clear to us. We were constantly inventing new technologies; working at least five years ahead of current technology. Innovation was different, however. To be innovative was not so much to create a technology that did not exist, rather to shift the usage of an existing technology: to see it function in a new way. This is where the process of creating art came into play. Art breaks though boundaries. Art is usually not about the technology, but rather about creatively applying technology. Art provides us with insights into our sensory worlds. It helps us visually connect to our vision, perspective and emotion, and to each other within a team. This enhances our intuitive visioning of our business and products.

It is reminiscent of strategic city planning, where artists are enticed to occupy abandoned neighborhoods. Artists bring a new way of thinking, upscaling even the most mundane neighborhoods in our environment. Before long, an entire residential block has transformed the energy around it. I am not just thinking about Soho in NY, where I lived for ten years. Look at cities near your home, neighborhoods that transformed from seedy districts to top tourist destinations. Profitable city planning incorporates neighborhoods for creatives, the artists. How could this apply to your business? Art gives us a new perspective, it makes the unfamiliar familiar. Art is a metaphor for innovation in your business. It breaks through boundaries; it can change the rules of the game enopen_innovationtirely.

It is my intent to showcase art, not merely as a luxury tool for experts, but as a strategic alliance for businesses. As humans, we are made up of energy, life force. Color communicates with this energy in us. All we need to do is give our teams and ourselves permission to express these colors. Then we can examine the images that we have created, and listen to the wisdom that they express. When we create with intent, solutions literally come up to the surface of the painting. We do not need to seek far before they visually present themselves. From one side it is magic, and from the other side, logical, when we understand that art speaks the language of our subconscious. Reviewing the artwork is key. When we write a business plan, we read it and share it with the rest of the team. Why would this be any different with art?

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