Investing in Art Connects Every Aspect of Your Business

English: Art Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Building by Fernando de Sousa.

English: Art Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Building by Fernando de Sousa.

Financial corporations, banks and insurance firms often have a long history of art collecting. Often, the founder had a personal passion for art and established an in-house art collecting tradition. Now these serious collectors have departments that specialize in the purchase, maintenance and rotation of their art. Collections often have a particular theme. For example, buying from local artists, emerging artists, modern art, landscapes, geometric and figurative art, to name a few. To get an idea of what these collections look like, they can range from a couple of artworks on the wall to the largest of corporate art collections, noted by Forbes at 57,000 pieces of work. Often the art is rotated around the building, creating changing environments for employees. Most of these corporations also have open viewings for the public from time to time. When the public is allowed to enter corporate buildings, a feeling of business transparency is created. Thus artwork is used in a multitude of ways, from marketing brochures to cultural projects and as an expression of corporate social responsibility.

Clearly, investing in art connects into every aspect of your business. From nurturing your employees to socially communicating your business values externally. The essence is in trusting the color, shapes, materials, composition and light and dark that an artwork emits. The value that is created is priceless.

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