Invest in Your Business Art Collection

The Crosby Garrett Helmet on auction at Christie's, London, on 7 October 2010. Photo by Daniel Pett.

The Crosby Garrett Helmet on auction at Christie’s, London, on 7 October 2010. Photo by Daniel Pett.

Businesses typically have in-house art collections. This is not only for aesthetic, decorative values, but also for investment purposes. Art pieces may increase in value over time. Though knowing exactly which pieces will increase is risky. There may be a certain buzz about the artist that created the work and the particular piece in question. It is a win-win situation for businesses to hang up inspirational work while, at the same time, seeing the value of a piece increase. Buying art, or investing in art projects, can be seen as expressions of corporate cultural responsibility. Art projects bring people together, forming a basic understanding of social empowerment. It means investing in all of the employees and customers associated with the business. It encourages viewers to think creatively. The resulting artwork is often displayed in areas where the public easily connect with it.

The monetary advantage of viewing art is difficult to establish. With a little stretch of the imagination, one could even compare it to the value of a parent to a child. I make this comparison because of the value a parent brings to a child is priceless. It is simply beyond monetary value. Nurturing, sympathy, understanding, unconditional love. These are also the values that art can have on our souls and spirits. We feel good when we have art around. It feeds another level of ourselves. It wakes us up to another part of ourselves. This part is energized when we take long walks in the park, experience breathtaking views or hear the rambling of a waterfall. Modern day businesses use electronic devices to communicate, even in tight workplaces designed for working together. It has been challenging for businesses to maintain a certain amount of personal space. This is an area where art can act as a doorway. It creates space for those parts of ourselves that want to walk along our favorite hiking path, allowing lots of creative juices to flow. Art creates space and nourishes the soul.

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