Crisp December Dreams

Aah we have arrived to December! I personally give a warm crisp welcome out for this month!

For me this is a time for clarity! I do enjoy making time to reflect and bathe in all that has been this year, appreciate all the aspects that I am proud of. This certainly includes dear friends and family that I am blessed to have in all areas of my life!

Wow, how we are all growing, learning and making huge shifts moving forward! I have experienced 2013 as moving FAST. What about you? How have you experienced 2013?

Just as I sit down to write this, I am reflecting on events this year! Such an honor to be with all participants at Atelier Molenpad; It is a magical journey to witness the continual descovery process with yearly renewals and it is equally fun welcoming new creative exprorers into the discovery of intuitive art expression.

This year also at the Atelier, was the first SUMMER WEEK RETREAT, which I so love. People flew in from all over the globe to participate! That feeling of summer vacation was in the air, and local participants even felt that they could experience Amsterdam from a visitors perspective! Kind a like SUMMER CAMP! Such the inspiration, that this year we will have 3 RETREATS! Check dates, under Daniella Recommends section below!

Another biggie has been the incorporation of NATURE in my own ART. I have been playing around here and there, while on my long walks. . .with leaves. . .branches. . .etc. Lots more of this to come! ENVIRONMENTAL ART is a shift for me. My next project will be with water. . .in Amsterdam. . .mmm not sure yet what it will be! I have already committed to a date that I will complete it by. . .so stay tuned!

So. . .what else. . .well. . .individual clients for art therapy have moved over into CREATIVE COACHING; a secret passion of mine that has been growing. And yes, I have decided to formally add into my world. My coaching training that I have been attending is turning out to be a super enlightning experience. I am loving the insights and distinctions between therapy and coaching. Here, I have been working with clients who are ready, to discover their secret visions, passions and take the next bold steps into manifestation. Huge energy shift to say the least!

On a special note of thanks, I want to thank you for your COMMENTS and ENCOURAGEMENT along the way throughout 2013! I love this way of communicating with you and sharing tools and tips along the way. I even sucessfully moved over to the new server!

I want to acknowledge our DUTCH readers, and understand that it can be tiring to read in the ENGLISH language. Though it’s the easiest way for me to communicate globally, I do realize this requires an extra effort on your part. . .so once again,THANK YOU!

In the meantime, as we approach 2014, I have 3 simple tips in the section Tip of the month to see how you can identify 3 areas of your life, where you may want to consider a little extra attention to moving forward!

Look forward to seeing you at Atelier Molenpad and UnleashAVision soon!

Come and check out the 3 retreats coming up in May, June and July 2013! Note: Dates for July have been adjusted More info here to reserve your spot!

with all the elements,


ps. For those who were wondering. . . is Atelier Molenpad gone global!

My tip this month is around simple GOAL SETTING! I strongly believe that because of the fact that I actually set goals, the universe is able to provide; making manifestation a synch.

What has helped me over the years, has been to focus on creating a dynamic balance. Here are 3 core tips that have helped me!

Tip #1: Take the time to collage and write it down!

What I have summed it down for my self has been to start with 8 categories; HEALTH, FUN & RECREATION,FAMILY & FRIENDS, SIGNIFICANT OTHER/ROMANCE, MONEY, PERSONAL GROWTHCAREER,PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT, You can draw an 8 slice pizza pie,(yum) where each category is a slice. Then you can rate the level of satisfaction (1: not satisfied.. .10: highly satisfied) within each slice.

Doing this will give you a clear idea of where you may want to focuse extra energy on in 2014. I would suggest that you select 3 pie slices to target first. . .make a brainstorming collage to experience what each slice means . . .and set goals relating to your discoveries on what you want.

Tip #2: Get accountability support!

Luckily, I have seeked out individuals who hold me accountable! They know my goals (because I take the time to tell them). Get support for not only your goals, but also in brainstorming your unique path to your goals! Not as much fun to update on your own! This is a great holiday activity to do with a trustworthy source.

Part of this is to make resonant goals, and clear positive affirmation statements. and you know what? This stuff really works! You see our goals can be met quicker than we may believe. . .when we take ourselves seriously! Just out of the blue a possibility can appear!

Tip #3: Celebrate when you have accomplished your goal.

I can’t tell you how many times I have meet a goal, just to cross it off the list, without a little celebration. Our body, mind and soul needs a little happy dance and FUN FUN FUN. . .after all WHY are we doing so much?

This is a serious question. . .WHY? Bring your WHY into the celebration! Yeah, that’s what it’s all about! Believe me, I need a constant reminder!

I love to quickly put on some dance tunes and shake it all up and keep the energy flowing! So have fun with these simple tips! Do them now! Find the 3 pie slices that need most nurturing! 2014 is already turning out to be miracles in making, wouldn’t you agree!


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