Case study 1

Andrea Lee: CEO-
Retreat for her gold program for entrepreneurs
Express through art for entrepreneurs
Allow them to create commitments for goals moving forward
What we did
1 1/2 hour painting retreat
Painting with vocabulary of hands
Limited color pallet
2 paintings, before and after
Results we got
Paintings that aided in brainstorming new business goals and targets
Business metaphors that were mirrored in the art
Entrepreneurs were able to network in a fun and insightful way
Participants got a taster of how to implement creativity into their business
What Andrea says
I am the CEO and founder of an international business and coach training company wealthy thought leader. Daniella held an art workshop for a group of entrepreneurs who are concerned with leadership, trust, creativity solving problems and generally making their business a success. Daniella was a natural person for me to hire because she has such a clear understanding of the challenges of a corporation and a business as well as artistry and creativity as a renowned artist herself. When we hired her to do this art works workshop we had over 30 entrepreneurs, painting, some for the first time, over coming fear, being able to bond together as a team and many more benefits. If u need an out of the box, experiential, professional, special addition to your workshop and/or your corporate culture, consider hiring Daniella Rubinovitz. Art Works at
Case study 2
Founders: Anouk de Menthon Bake, Irith Koster, Else Wolke
Identify uniqueness of their competitive advantage
Discover what they as a business do that is unique
What we did
1/1/2 hour painting retreat
Created a painting to discover the assets that each individual brings to the company
Created a painting to discover how ideal client sees your company
Brainstorm for words that can be used for marketing
Benefits and costs of the items that came out from the painting
Results we got 
A focused list of words targeting their uniqueness
Words that are backed up with a story through the painting
Discussions sharing valuable thoughts and feelings of founders
Targeted words to use for marketing
Deep understanding of behind the scenes service that are unknown to customers
Images that led to new insights of their business that otherwise would have been unknown.
What Irith Koster says
“We created two different paintings, one where we were asked to put in our values. Not thinking to much, but go with your feeling. The second painting was about how your ideal client looks at your company. Putting it on paper any way that feels right. I have never done this before, It was really a lot of fun. It is nice to do this as a team because you each have your individual process and it comes together in an elegant way. I really liked the not thinking, Keep painting, keep making something. Afterwards look at it, that is really powerful. I would do it again; it is such a different way of getting at something. There is room for the individual and for making it a whole, that’s great.”
What Else Wolke says:
“I really liked it, what I thought was really powerful was making these paintings and afterwards the information that we gained from it, because it really said something about us as a company and what we stand for, and what we find important. So the filtering of the painting, just using a whole different form without talking and thinking at first and then finding words that came out of the paintings, I really liked that. We created two different kind of paintings, one of what our values are in the company, as individuals, and the other one we looked at our company from a clients perspective and made a painting about that. It helped us find what is unique about our company.”
Case study 3
New Leadership Symposium
ARTworks workshops for symposium attendees
What we did
Two 45 minute workshops for up to 50 participants
Created two art works focussed on one current business topic
Created actionable commitment items
Results we got 
Participants left with specific actionable items with follow up possibilities.
Brought in business topic gained clarity and insight
Images to hang up at work as a reminder of intentions
What Clemens van den Broek says:
“With the open guidance of Daniella, it was easy for me to transform my thoughts on my business topic into an image. I noticed that the more that my thoughts became visually expressed, business choices that I should make were easy to recognise in the drawings. In the act of filling up the page I noticed what was missing. My drawing went through a process of mind mapping in where daniella stimulated me to transform the images as a structure into actionable items. It was a lot of fun to do, I will hire her again!”
” I am someone who really wants to understand rationally, and I experienced that the image was stronger than my words. Something showed up in my drawing that allowed me to understand my business topic from another aspect. I was surprised to noticed that  movement was still possible in an existing area, I didn’t expect this at all.  This really helped me.”
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