Art Provides Employee Satisfaction

The act of creating art allows the release of personal expression by hands-on action and doing. Employees get satisfaction from completing a project. This is especially vital when employees are working on long-term projects. Such was the case in projects that I worked on in my corporate days. We worked on projects five years in advance. There is a high degree of satisfaction when we can see immediate results. Creating art gives us this immediate satisfaction alongside having the destiny of your project in your hands.

Art in the Etsy offices, Creative Commons, Charles & Hudson.

Art in the Etsy offices, Creative Commons, Charles & Hudson.

The act of looking at art, even if we just have it in our lobby or office, speaks to us on a subconscious level. It can inspire us to embrace the changes around us and trust that we will continuously discover new solutions. I love the quote from the book Who Moved My Cheese: “It’s a lot better to initiate change while you can than it is to try to react and adjust to it . . . ” Maybe we can move our own cheese.

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