Art is a Metaphor for Innovation (2 of 2)

At one time I was employed by Lucent technologies, a company focused on creating innovative technology. It was our job in the industrial design team to innovate new products. The distinction between invention and innovation was clear to us. We were constantly inventing new technologies; working at least five years ahead of current technology. Innovation was different, however. To be innovative was not so much to create a technology that did not exist, rather to shift the usage of an existing technology: to see it function in a new way. This is where the process of creating art came into play. Art breaks though boundaries. Art is usually not about the technology, but rather about creatively applying technology. Art provides us with insights into our sensory worlds. It helps us visually connect to our vision, perspective and emotion, and to each other within a team. This enhances our intuitive visioning of our business and products.

It is reminiscent of strategic city planning, where artists are enticed to occupy abandoned neighborhoods. Artists bring a new way of thinking, upscaling even the most mundane neighborhoods in our environment. Before long, an entire residential block has transformed the energy around it. I am not just thinking about Soho in NY, where I lived for ten years. Look at cities near your home, neighborhoods that transformed from seedy districts to top tourist destinations. Profitable city planning incorporates neighborhoods for creatives, the artists. How could this apply to your business? Art gives us a new perspective, it makes the unfamiliar familiar. Art is a metaphor for innovation in your business. It breaks through boundaries; it can change the rules of the game enopen_innovationtirely.

It is my intent to showcase art, not merely as a luxury tool for experts, but as a strategic alliance for businesses. As humans, we are made up of energy, life force. Color communicates with this energy in us. All we need to do is give our teams and ourselves permission to express these colors. Then we can examine the images that we have created, and listen to the wisdom that they express. When we create with intent, solutions literally come up to the surface of the painting. We do not need to seek far before they visually present themselves. From one side it is magic, and from the other side, logical, when we understand that art speaks the language of our subconscious. Reviewing the artwork is key. When we write a business plan, we read it and share it with the rest of the team. Why would this be any different with art?

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