Art Creates Stronger Teams

Working with art creates a stronger team of empowered, happy and self-confident individuals. Teams thrive when they create projects together. When we work creatively, we activate our right hemisphere. An effect of activating our right hemisphere is an enhanced sense of community. People get in the mode of “we’re into this together”. When we work exclusively in our left hemisphere, we tend to be more focused on individual work and achievements. This is an antiquated way of working. It is that age-old silo idea: ‘this is my project and this is yours’.

When people are in contact with their own creativity, they are in contact with themselves. This connection allows for a heightened sense of who they are as an individual, and at the same time how everyone is connected to each other as team members with the same goal.

Creativity encourages the entrepreneurial mindset by empowering individuals to activate the creative process from start to finish. Integration between team members is enhanced with this mindset. When we integrate art creation and weave it into company policy, the link between our left and right hemisphere flows. Within a business, we want our creativity and rational thinking departments to empower each other. This allows productivity in all departments to soar. This includes traditionally left brain dominant departments like accounting, supply chain, wholesale folks, product engineering, manufacturing and the right brained dominant departments like retail sales, marketing, product development and design. Messages that come out through art are impactful when implementing team goals and objectives. The key is to integrate the whole business, through all employees, by shifting from predominantly using the left hemisphere to confidently using both hemispheres together. When individuals and businesses are able to do this, they function at their optimal level. They are empowered to tap into unused potential and take ‘creative leadership’ one step further.

Since your employees are your business, your business becomes a creative power to continually update better business practices. We all know the expression “the only thing that is constant is change” by Heraclitus. Dealing with change requires lots and lots of creativity. It requires constantly letting go, being in the present reality and making heartfelt decisions that are in line with long-term business goals. An economic crisis demands that we become flexible and creative in dealing with the rapidly changing economic tide.

We enhance creativity by integrating art into our business. Both the act of creating art and looking at art have specific strengths for employees.

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